Holiday @ Perhentian Island
You don't have to worry about miss the boat at Kuala Besut because there are many hotel or guest house around this place... If you like budget place you can choose " Yaudin Guest house " room around RM20.00 - RM40.00/room (but they only have room with share bathroom)... or If you are looking for more nice place you can choose " NAN hotel " fan room RM45.00/night and aircond room RM65.00/night (with bathroom inside)..

Fast boat from Kuala Besut to Perhentian Island usually start from 9.00a.m to 5.00p.m. Actually on Kuala Besut haven't regular time for departure. The boat will depart to the island when enough passenger.

Leaving time for the fast boat from Perhentian island at 8.00a.m, 12.00 noon and 4.00 p.m and leaving time for slow boat at 8.00 a.m and 12.00 noon. But for group package departure and leaving time can be consider...

To stop at the "Long Beach" and "Aur Bay" area, the boat (either fast boat or slow boat) can't get in to the beach. Because there are no jetty on that place... If you want to go to this place you must take small boat (boat taxi) from main boat to the beach. you must pay RM2.00/person for this boat transfer.